NFL Sunday Ticket To Remain A DirecTV Exclusive

NFL Sunday Ticket To Remain A DirecTV Exclusive

Millions of football fans now have a reason to not ditch DirecTV. After months of negotiations, the satellite service has finally renewed its deal to be the exclusive carrier for NFL Sunday Ticket. [More]

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Army Of Consumers Get Paid To Snap Smartphone Pics In Stores

Sure, companies might pay retailers for favorable placement or fancy displays for their products, but how do they know whether those ads are working or the displays are set up as requested? Every day, there’s a flood of customers walking past those displays carrying tiny computers with good quality cameras on them. What do those two things have to do with each other? [More]

AT&T: Half Of New Phone Buyers Are Choosing Next Plans

AT&T: Half Of New Phone Buyers Are Choosing Next Plans

When you see AT&T advertising the hottest new phones as being available for “$0 down,” that’s if you opt for the early upgrade/installment payments plan called AT&T Next. While stock analysts (and, we’re guessing, AT&T itself) expected the program to be a huge hit, the prospect of getting a $15/month discount and paying full sticker price for a smartphone just isn’t tempting to the average consumer. [More]


Watch Everyone Go Totally Freaking Nuts As Steve Jobs Demonstrates The Magic Of WiFi In 1999

Prepare yourself to feel old, jaded and immune to the everyday magical workings of technology, people. While these days we don’t bat an eye at carrying lightweight devices that let us basically do anything we want besides teleport, back in 1999 the world of technology was still new, exciting, and totally worth a standing ovation. To wit: Uproarious applause and a general cacophony of excitement when Steve Jobs showed off the iBook’s wireless powers back in 1999. [More]

Verizon Realizes Throttling LTE Users Is A Stupid, Stupid Idea; Decides Not To

Verizon Realizes Throttling LTE Users Is A Stupid, Stupid Idea; Decides Not To

Back in July, Verizon Wireless ticked off its few remaining unlimited data subscribers and caught the unwanted attention of the FCC Chairman, when it announced that it would begin throttling data speeds for its users with the highest level of wireless broadband consumption under the guise of “network optimization.” That plan was supposed to kick in this morning, but Verizon has decided that maybe it’s not such a good idea. [More]

United Airlines Reply Robot Returns, Responds To Complaint By “Mr. Human”

United Airlines Reply Robot Returns, Responds To Complaint By “Mr. Human”

The fill-in-the-blank customer service robot that gave us the heartfelt letter apologizing to (CUSTOMER NAME) for (SPECIFIC EVENT) has returned — and like all sequels, this time… it’s personal. [More]

Tyson may have decided to stop feeding antibiotics to birds at hatcheries, but it's still using the drugs for "disease prevention" at chicken farms.

Tyson Decides To Feed Slightly Fewer Drugs To Its Chickens

When it comes to reducing the enormous amount of antibiotics being fed to animals solely for growth-promotion, just about any news is good news. So we welcome today’s announcement from Tyson that it will cease using antibiotics in its hatcheries, but still have concerns about the drugs being fed to birds once they leave the hatchery. [More]

iFixit Declares iPhone 6 Most Repairable iPhone Ever, Which Isn’t Saying Much

iFixit Declares iPhone 6 Most Repairable iPhone Ever, Which Isn’t Saying Much

You can save money and extend the useful life of your out-of-warranty gadgets by repairing them yourself, but should you? iFixit, provider of free repair guides and seller of parts and tools, buys the latest devices and tears them apart, assigning them a “repairability score.” They report that some design changes make the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the most repairable iPhones ever. [More]


Couple Waits More Than An Hour For Their Meal, Tips Overwhelmed Server $100

The reaction most common when you’re waiting for what feels like forever for your meal at a restaurant is, obviously, annoyance. You’re hungry, you’re angry, you’re hangry and you just want to shove every available food item in your mouth as soon as possible. While this kind of experience often leads to the temptation to be snippy towards the staff, one couple who had to wait for more than an hour for their entrees to arrive took another, kinder approach toward their overwhelmed server. [More]

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Comcast Throws Pizza Parties To Woo Seattle Residents; Still Sucks At Its Job

You know how the jerk in your office will occasionally do something nice, like buy everyone a round of drinks after work or bring in cupcakes, just to prove he isn’t always horrible? You probably accept the free stuff while knowing that it ultimately doesn’t change the fact that he’s still an awful person to work with. That’s what appears to be going with Comcast in Seattle. [More]

Pepsi To Start Selling Naturally Sweetened Soda — But Only On Amazon

Pepsi To Start Selling Naturally Sweetened Soda — But Only On Amazon

Latching onto a double dose consumer trends, Pepsi will start selling naturally sweetened sodas, free of the artificial kind many people are eschewing these days, but the only way to buy the drinks is going to be online in an exclusive deal with Amazon. [More]

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Forget Computer Cookies: People Happily Give Up Personal Data For The Baked Kind

It’s never a bad time for a cookie. Warm, just sweet enough, fresh from the oven… man, I could totally use a cookie right about now. How about you? Yeah? Excellent. Just hand over your address, mother’s maiden name, and the last four digits of your SSN and you can have this fresh hand-made dessert for free. Wait, what’s that you say? Yes, all this personal information does seem like too high a price to pay for one baked confection, no matter how delicious. And yet it was a deal that nearly 400 people were happy to make. [More]

UPS Says My New iPhone Is Almost Here — Oh Wait, They Left It Back In Korea

UPS Says My New iPhone Is Almost Here — Oh Wait, They Left It Back In Korea

Like lots of people who ordered their new iPhone from the Apple store, Consumerist reader Clint has been tracking the impending delivery of his new device. Over the course of the last week, it’s gone from China to South Korea to Alaska to Kentucky and was set to be delivered to Clint in Seattle today. Except UPS has bad news. The tracking info was slightly off. [More]

Study Sponsored By RetailMeNot: Customers Save $200/Hour Using RetailMeNot

Study Sponsored By RetailMeNot: Customers Save $200/Hour Using RetailMeNot

A whitepaper written by a University of Texas economist and the staff of coupon site came to a shocking conclusion: consumers can save a lot of money by using RetailMeNot and other online coupon and savings resources. How much? The site’s own statistics show that shoppers save around $17 per purchase by using deal websites, and parents with children at home saved almost twice that amount. [More]

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Georgia Tech To Accept Bitcoin At Shops & Stadium

The virtual Bitcoin currency moves even further into the mainstream as Georgia Tech has reportedly become the first major university to make a deal that will allow the use of Bitcoin for student purchases at dining halls and sporting venues. [More]


7-Eleven Teaming Up With P90X Guy To Offer Food That Isn’t A Microwaved Burrito

Full disclosure: I have absolutely zero problems with microwaved burritos. Heck, I even love places that have those hot dogs that go around and around in the plastic case. But because some people might want a healthier option at their local convenience stores, 7-Eleven is testing a bunch of healthier options at some Southern California stores, with the help of the guy who created the P90X fitness regime. [More]

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Labatt Turning 100-Foot Grain Silos Into So-Called “World’s Largest Six-Pack”

What’s that, in the distance, looming over the horizon like the answer to all of Homer Simpson’s hopes and dreams? It’s a ginormous six-pack of beer, or so six 100-foot grain silos near Buffalo, N.Y. will appear after Labatt is done wrapping them in blue vinyl. And though the owner is calling it the largest six-pack in the world, that claim is debatable. [More]

The math-hating socks at the heart of this story.

When Consumer Complains About Sexist Socks, Don’t Question The Airflow To Her Genitals

When you own a business, especially one that sells supposedly sassy socks and other items with humorous quips on them, you have to expect the occasional complaint when an attempt at humor goes over like a lead balloon. And even though you disagree with a person’s gripe, it’s best if you don’t accidentally forward her an internal e-mail calling her a “crazy bitch” and then follow it up with a message telling her to un-bunch her panties to “get some air up there.” [More]