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5 Signs That You Shouldn’t Be Using Credit Cards

Just like almost every child wants a puppy and thinks they can handle the responsibility, many adults are seduced by the promise of a line of credit and convince themselves they won’t screw it up and end up buried beneath a mountain of debt. Before you take the plunge and get a credit card, a bit of honest introspection could prevent you from trapping yourself in a plastic jail cell. [More]

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Remember, the best time to shop for a snow shovel is before you actually need a shovel. Just grabbing the cheapest one at the closest store can create a lot of extra work for yourself in the long run if it isn’t the right shovel for you, your abilities, and the type of snow that you typically get. Know your abilities and know your shovel types. Maybe even buy more than one for different surfaces. [Consumer Reports]

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After ‘Serial’ Season Is Over, Global Tel-Link Will Keep Charging Inmates Outrageous Phone Fees

The last episode of the current series of hit podcast “Serial” was made available for download this morning. It’s the last time that millions of listeners will hear a brand name that has appeared in every episode but was likely unfamiliar to them. The people over at Global Tel-Link probably aren’t heartbroken that they’re losing the free product placement, though. As a telecommunications company providing phone service for prisoners, consumer name recognition isn’t very important to them. [More]

GameStop CFO Says Company Will Weather Walmart, But Hints At Continued Store Closures

GameStop CFO Says Company Will Weather Walmart, But Hints At Continued Store Closures

There are currently around 6,000 GameStop locations, meaning most people don’t have to drive very far to trade in a used game. But how will the company weather the two storm fronts of increased competition from major retailers and the shift toward digital downloads of games? [More]

Customers Complain Of Rashes From The Fitbit Charge

Customers Complain Of Rashes From The Fitbit Charge

Fitbit claims that only about 2% of the people who purchased its best-selling Force wearable fitness tracker experienced skin reactions, some of them extremely painful, itchy, or unpleasant. We don’t know yet what proportion of buyers of the company’s new Charge wristbands have complained of skin irritation, but we now know that it’s more than zero: including a reviewer for Yahoo Tech who otherwise liked the device. [More]

Best Buy Promotes Itself With Hilarious Reference To Real-Life Murder

Best Buy Promotes Itself With Hilarious Reference To Real-Life Murder

If you’re not a listener of the podcast “Serial,” you might have glanced at something that Best Buy tweeted earlier today and thought that it was either a complete non sequitur or a very roundabout promotion for mobile phones. “We have everything you need. Unless you need a payphone,” said the official Twitter account of America’s biggest electronics retailer. Ha ha! Murder is hilarious! [More]

New Kmart Ad Encourages Shoppers To Spend Least Amount Of Time Possible In Store

New Kmart Ad Encourages Shoppers To Spend Least Amount Of Time Possible In Store

The secret to successfully shopping at Kmart is to spend as little time inside a Kmart as you can. We think that’s the message of a new Kmart commercial, which portrays the best shopping trip to Kmart as one in which you spend approximately three seconds in the store: long enough to grab your online order, but not long enough to notice the broken floor tiles. [More]

While T-Mobile's unlimited family plan might save you compared to competitors' similar plans with large amounts of data, many families would probably save more on  a limited data plan (like T-Mo's resurrected 4-for-$100 offer) that costs less per month.

T-Mobile Introduces Unlimited Family Plans, But You May Be Better Off With Resurrected 4-For-$100 Plan

We are all officially overpaying for data. Sprint and AT&T have already demonstrated they are willing to dangle huge amounts of wireless data (that will likely never be used) in front of potential customers, and now T-Mobile is hoping that the lure of vast amounts of data (which, again, will probably go unused) is enough to bring in new family plan customers. At the same time, the company has brought back its previously popular 4-for-$100 plan that may be the better deal for most people. [More]


Most Of The Stuff You Want For Christmas Will Be Cheaper After Christmas

What’s on your wish list this holiday season? Without even looking, we’re guessing that clothing, home electronics, fitness equipment, and computers are on lots of folks’ lists. But if you’re looking to actually save money on these items, maybe it’s best to wait until after Dec. 25 to open your gifts. [More]


Cruise Ship Diners Suspected Of Tossing Live Lobsters Overboard In Effort To Save Them

So a Canadian lobster walks into an English bar– er, bay, and he kind of scuttles. Anyway, despite whatever punchline you might’ve been expecting, there’s a story out there that Canadian lobsters are showing up in English waters, and not because they were in the mood for a 3,000-mile swim. No, the recent influx of foreign crustaceans is said to be the fault of guilty diners crossing the Atlantic on cruise ships — if the stories are to believed. [More]

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Retailers Took More Than 3 Minutes To Answer Customer Service Calls On Cyber Monday

While not as many people went shopping over the weekend as they did during last year’s holiday, retailers still sold billions of dollars worth of stuff in just a few days, and some of that stuff was damaged or otherwise required calls to customer service. But not every seller was terribly eager or prepared to deal with the onslaught of phone calls. [More]

Best Buy Website Goes Down On One Day Of Year It Shouldn’t

Best Buy Website Goes Down On One Day Of Year It Shouldn’t

We’re hearing lots of complaints about the website for electronics retailer Best Buy being down, and multiple news outlets are confirming that BestBuy.com is unresponsive nationwide. [More]

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Mobile Companies Leaping To Sell You A New Phone — With A New Contract — On Black Friday

Is your phone getting old? Has it met with the unfortunate confluence of liquids, young children, and boisterous pets lately? If you’re in the market for a replacement or upgrade, it looks like Black Friday might be your day… as long as you’re willing to sign a contract. [More]

Where Do People Buy The Stuff They Used To Buy At Sears?

Where Do People Buy The Stuff They Used To Buy At Sears?

Many American consumers have sworn off shopping at Sears and Kmart, their local stores have closed, or they have just forgotten that the chains exist. Business that once went to Kmart now goes to discount store competitors Target and Walmart, logically enough, but where do Americans go for the things that they once bought at Sears? [More]

Boston Market: Official Caterer Of People Stuck At Work On Thanksgiving

Boston Market: Official Caterer Of People Stuck At Work On Thanksgiving

One company has definitely benefited from the trend of retailers opening before dinner time on Thanksgiving Day: Boston Market, the restaurant chain that serves fast casual poultry and traditional side dishes year-round. The chain does plenty of rotisserie chicken and mashed potato business year-round and has always been a popular spot for quick dinners and catering on Thanksgiving, but its catering sales have increased for the last few years. [More]

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Best Buy Is Actually Managing This Whole ‘Turnaround’ Thing

We haven’t featured very many reader complaints about Best Buy on this site in the last year or so. Is that because people aren’t shopping at Best Buy at all anymore? Surprisingly, no. Best Buy is doing great, thank you very much, having convinced enough customers to quit showrooming and actually buy things there. [More]


Arizona Sues GM For $3B, Claiming Auto Maker Defrauded Consumers

So far this year General Motors has been party to a slew of lawsuits related to its massive ignition switch recall involving millions of vehicles with the potentially deadly defect. The latest case against GM was filed Wednesday by the State of Arizona, which alleges that the carmaker defrauded consumers out of an estimated $3 billion by knowingly selling defective vehicles. [More]


Walmart Closes Now-Infamous Online Price-Matching Loophole

It was fabulous news for bargain-hunters when Walmart announced a change to its price-matching policy, allowing shoppers to bring in listings from popular online retailers as long as the items are identical. When some shoppers formulated an evil-genius plan to use fake third-party seller Amazon listings to buy PlayStation 4s for less than 25% of the sticker price, the wording of the original policy technically allowed this to happen. Walmart has responded by changing their policy. [More]