Woman Wins Fight To Include All 36 Characters Of Her Last Name On Her Driver’s License

Say that three times fast.

Say that three times fast.

In this world, there are no guarantees. But everyone has the right to have their own name, and one Hawaii woman believes that includes the right to include her entire 36-character surname on her driver’s license. She just won the fight to include all 35 letters and one character with a new change to the state’s policy, so she can be loud and proud about its length. Teaching people to pronounce it is a whole other matter. [via the Associated Press]

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  1. nchiker says:

    Good for her, but where does it end? If I have a 100 character last name, should they change to accommodate me? There have to be some rules.

    On a side note, her last name looks ridiculous. I started to pronounce the first part, then gave up.