You’re Probably Not A Miserable Failure At The “Composer Or Pasta?” Game

This is so hard.

This is so hard.

Playing the game of choosing whether a name belongs to a composer or a kind of pasta is a profoundly humbling experience. If you’re anything like the Consumerist team, you’ll probably go through throes of certain failure, only to be met with a more respectable score at the end than you imagined possible. And you’ll also learn there are more types of spaghetti than you ever dreamed. []

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  1. Ronnie says:

    Wrong link?

  2. KJaxx says:

    Funny how you’ve categorized this as a test like no other test on the same day when published a link to a Porn vs Fashion test, which asks users to guess if a partial image is from a fashion shoot or a porn shoot.

    It is quite like no other test and ABSOLUTELY visual and DEFINITELY NSFW. Link: