Don’t Everyone Move At Once, But You Can Drink On The Street In These Cities

In most places, you could be standing on your own property swilling a tasty hot toddy or sipping an ice-cold beer, but should you step out onto a public street, you’re breaking the law. That’s not the case, everywhere, however. At the risk of inspiring a mass migration to these magic places (not that we condone overdoing it ever and don’t drink and drive), there’s a handy list of towns where it’s actually legal to drink in public.

The Huffington Post has a brightly colored map of the United States, all color-coded and illustrated with happy little stars to show where these towns are.

Some cities allow it everywhere or mostly everywhere, while others only allow it in special “Entertainment Districts.” If you want to give yourself a pat on the back for living in one of these locales or perhaps you’re looking to move, check out the lists below.

Towns that allow public drinking in most or all areas:
Hood River, Ore.
Sonoma, Calif.
Las Vegas
Fredericksberg, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Arlington, Texas
New Orleans (duh, and helloooo Mardi Gras)
Gulfport, Miss.
Erie, Pa.
Savannah, Ga.

Towns that allow public drinking in special Entertainment Districts
Lincoln, Neb.
Kansas City, Mo.
Louisville, Ky.
Memphis, Tenn.
Huntsville, Ala.
Birmingham, Ala.
Montgomery, Ala.
Mobile, Ala.

Take a look at HuffPo’s map in the link below to see where imbibing in public is definitely not allowed anywhere in the state. Hint: Most of you are gonna be sad and better stick to your porch tippling. And do you want to hear us say it again? Don’t be a dummy and over indulge. No one wants you to ruin the fun of being outside with a beer.

Here’s Where You Can Drink In Public In America [Huffington Post]

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  1. MissPurdy says:

    they left off Savannah, Georgia – walk around beverages are completely legal. You can get to go cups at the local watering hole. And the scenery is absolutely beautiful there, it would be a shame to waste time sitting in a gin joint.

  2. JoeBlow says:

    Once I was eating pizza and drinking beer at Halftime Pizza across from the TD Garden in Boston (because they sell beer by the quart there cheaper than in the arena, and play a video of hockey fights before every game) when some out-of-town fans of the Montreal Canadiens came up to my friends and I to ask about this. They had apparently finished their pizza and were wondering if they could take their plastic quart cups of beer out to the street. I of course advised them against it, because not only is it illegal, but there are definitely going to be police officers all over the place in that situation. In retrospect, they were Canadiens fans, and I could have put them in a position to get hassled by cops.
    Though it is interesting that there are apparently municipalities in Massachusetts that allow public drinking, according to the map. I’ll need to look into that.

  3. Mapache says:

    Key West si not in the list? I remeber being able to drink outside during fantasy fest

    • Seli says:

      We were at Fantasy Fest this year (accidentally) and asked the bartender where we were eating lunch about it when we saw him serve some beers in to-go cups. He told us it was technically illegal but all the cops just look the other way during the Fest. I imagine that during the rest of the year they don’t allow it. And probably even during Fantasy Fest, if you’re being obnoxious about it you’ll probably get in trouble anyway.