At Least Finding A Pair Of Glasses In Your Jalapeño Poppers Is Way Less Gross Than A Bug

Here at Consumerist, we’ve heard about practically every kind of creepy, crawly, grody thing/creature showing up where it shouldn’t, whether that means spiders in your grapes and bananas or urine in your Taco Bell nachos. But having a pair of spectacles show up in your jalapeño poppers? That could actually be useful.

Useful, perhaps, expected, definitely not. In a post on Reddit that claims “My mom found a pair of glasses in with her Jalapeno Poppers,” we see a cardboard box of poppers with a plastic bag in front of it. And look, inside the plastic, a pair of seeing eye goggles! What is the MEANING OF THIS?

I can see clearly now.

I can see clearly now.

There doesn’t seem to be an explanation, as the poster noted in the comments that the company didn’t seem to be perturbed: “‘Sorry, we’ll send you a coupon’ was the response from the company.”

“Better than ‘Please send them back, Susan can’t read without them,’ ” points out another astute commenter.

And hey, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying prescription specs and frames and all that.

It’s worth pointing out, as of course the Reddit commenters have, that the whole photo could be a sham. Is that bag open? Couldn’t someone just slip the glasses in afterward and claim it came that way? I hope not because I prefer to believe that everything on the Internet is true.