Morning Deals

  • Old Navy: [Apparel] Save an Extra 15% or 25% off All Orders of $75+
  • New York & Company: [Clothing] Take $25 OFF $75, $60 OFF $150 or $90 OFF $200 w/ coupon 2819 and 2820 and 2821 + Printable
  • Overstock: [Indoor Apparel] Unisex Egyptian Cotton Terry Bathrobe $36.99 + $1 Shipping

  • Nike: [Clothing & Accessories] NikeStore clearance sale: Up to 70% off + free shipping
  • Banana Republic: [Clothing & Accessories] Banana Republic Sale: 30% off outerwear
  • H&M: [Clothing] 20% off all outerwear, Nov 19-25th (Thanks to PecanPi!)

    Computers and Electronics
  • Amazon: [Cell Phone] Palm Pre Phone (with new service plan from Sprint) for $79.99 w/ Free shipping
  • Walmart: [Cell Phone] Virgin Mobile Slash Prepaid Camera Cell Phone with Bluetooth, VMM310SMKIT190 for $20 + $0.97 Shipping
  • BestBuy: [TV] Dynex – 32″ Class / 720p / 60Hz / LCD w/ Built-in HDTV tuner for $299.99 + $44.23 Shipping

  • Microsoft: [MP3 Player] Zune HD 16 GB for $197.99 w/ coupon MSSTORE10%OFF w/ Free shipping
  • B&H Photo: [HDTV] Samsung PN42B430 42-inch 720p Plasma HDTV $649 + free shipping
  • onSale: [HDTV] Toshiba REGZA 37CV510U 37-inch 720p LCD HDTV $500 + free shipping

  • Amazon: [Headphones] Skullcandy Proletariat Noise Canceling Headphones $25 + free shipping

  • Entertainment

  • Redbox: [Movies] FREE Redbox Rental Every Month when you sign-up to SMS notifications (standard text charges apply)
  • Amazon: [Gaming] Free $50 Gift Card with Wii Console & Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board
  • [Online Gaming] 14 Days free plus 50.000 tokens, no credit card required (Thanks to John!)

  • Walmart: [Movie] Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Movie (Blu-Ray) $9.36 Free Shipping
  • JR: [Black Friday] Black Friday DVD Blowout: DVDs from $4, Blu-ray Discs from $10
  • Music123: [Music] Save an Extra 10% off Rogue Guitars & Other Stringed Instruments

  • Food

  • Country Bob’s: [Sauce] Free bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce (Thanks to John!)

  • Home

  • Newegg: [Food] Breville Arcosteel Mandoline Slicer only $13 Shipped
  • Lowe’s: [Drill Bits] 55-Piece SpeedFit Hex Shank Drill and Drive Set for $9.98 + Shipping
  • Home Depot: [Decor] Home Depot: 20% off area rugs & kids’ rugs + free shipping, extra $5 off $50

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  1. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    The country bob’s deal is a coupon, so if the stores in your area don’t sell it you’re SOL. I thought it was an actual bottle and was sad to see it was only a coupon :(

  2. webwbr says:

    I thought Redbox abandoned the free monthly Monday code. Is it reinstated?

  3. CyGuy says:

    Is there anyway to get the RedBox coupons to work with Google Voice? The sign-up wants you to specify your carrier from their list.

  4. morningface says:

    @pecan 3.14159265: well, you could always just wear it backwards and get much the same effect, I think.

  5. MostlyHarmless says:

    @GitEmSteveDave_CanCommentz: Oh come on. you know the answer:


  6. waltja26 says:


    Better than a snuggie because terry absorbs moisture, making it best for after shower lounging. Just keep your legs closed.

  7. Rachacha says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: I don’t want to get into the middle of a Mr. & Mrs. Aroo “discussion” of whether one needs a new television, but I can say that we replaced a 27″ tube TV with a 42″ plasma, and there was little difference in the height of the two televisions (obviously the plasma was significantly wider, and due to the style the screen of the plasma was a bit taller, but the physical case height did not change much)

    A couple resources for you:
    [] (there is a size calculator at the bottom of the screen…warning, you and your husband may both be wrong. I entered in my room dimensions, and it told me I needed a 52″ TV to replace my 42″, and I would have to say I agree with that assesment)

  8. ultimatecardsfan says:

    On every bottle, it says “Christ is our CEO” with the little Jesus fish.

    As a sidenote, it’s not actually BBQ sauce — it’s steak sauce, kind of like a thicker Worcestershire. REALLY, REALLY good. I actually sent off for that coupon a while back and had my parents pick me up the bottle in St. Louis and mail it to me in New York. A million times better than A1.

  9. RandomHookup says:

    @ultimatecardsfan: On every bottle, it says “Christ is our CEO” with the little Jesus fish.

    Couldn’t they find a qualified American to take that job?

  10. docrice says:

    @RandomHookup: …just one more company hiring immi-grants instead of hard working ‘mericans to run their businesses. They took our jobs!

    /Friday silliness

  11. Rachacha says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: Keep in mind that I believe these recommendations are for an “immersive” television viewing experience (where your eyes see nothing but the television).

    I am perfectly happy with a 42″ television and I sit 10-12′ away from the television. The only time that it is less than satisfying is when I am watching a movie in Widescreen as it places a letterbox on the top and bottom, making the picture very short.