Top Posts Of The Week And Open Thread

Vaginal Mints Are A Very, Very Bad Idea
Jobs With The Highest Stress For The Lowest Pay
Copycat Company Sues Original Artist To Void Copyright Claims
Top 10 Crappiest CEOs (According To Their Employees)
Iceland Is So Messed Up McDonald’s Is Giving Up And Going Home

Happy Halloween! Our top posts his week contain spooky tales of copyright theft, bad jobs, and mints that go where most mints dare not go.

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  1. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

    How hard is it to mount a flatscreen on the wall?

    It’s not that big a flatscreen. We’re starting to have to childproof so I’m thinking getting a tippable screen up on the wall is a good idea. Followed by getting a real console of some sort that all the cords can hide in/behind.

    I hope I am not getting the H1N1. I feel rotten.

  2. AdamBC says:

    Is [turning on your porch light = we have candy for Halloween/no porch light = no candy] pretty universal? If not, how do you signify to kids/parents which are the houses it’s OK to trick-or-treat at?

    • Paladin_11 says:

      @AdamBC: I placed a red “Biohazard” sign on my door yesterday in preparation for Halloween. Today I’ll put up a “Quarantine: Swine Flu” sign. That should keep the little buggers at bay.

      The truth is that I separated my shoulder performing my Paladin duties this week and just don’t want to run up and down the stairs all night.

    • RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

      @AdamBC: I won’t have to worry about porch lights; I’m just going to drive around in my white van with a “Free Candy” sign on it.

  3. HogwartsAlum says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for the wigged cats to show up on Consumerist.

    We had a skating Halloween party tonight, but it got canceled because not enough people signed up. Jerks! I had been invited to a wedding tomorrow, on Halloween, at a haunted hotel, but no, I can’t go because I’m broke. Rats! Rats! Rats!

    So I guess it’s just me and the synopsis and some scary movies tomorrow, unless something comes up. :P

  4. Smashville says:

    Started running recently and have a blog and a twitter devoted solely to that…so I need some readership.

    Blog: []
    Twitter: @runnoobrun

  5. MostlyHarmless says:

    Lets get this on.

    1. Had a crazy/fun extended weekend with the parents last time. Went to Clemson-Greenville-Atlanta-Chattanooga. Met up with old profs, and people I used to work with in Clemson. And oh the Clemson Girls. Beautiful, beautiful clemson girls.

    2. Going as “cowboy and indian” for halloween tomorrow. Will post pics on twitter.

    3. Trai_Dep, you need to get on twitter. Pecan Pi, resolve your twitter issues (create a new one). Others, if you promise not to be annoying and spammy, feel free to join. If you can find me.

    4. Finally a weekend where I do not have any work planned to do except for laundry.

    5. Maybe I will create a nice looking graph of something.

  6. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:


    First.. New Post-name-phrase thingie.. Opinions?

    Second.. My system at work is DOWN and I’m FREAKING OUT.

    That is all. For now. Freaking. Out. OMG.

  7. MostlyHarmless says:

    Oh, and if you have not, do read Phil’s Book. What you say about it says a lot about you.

  8. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    So, i thought it might be fun for everyone to show their pumpkin carvings…
    i’ll go first:

    (made with an image from the internet, MS paint skillz, and a dremel.)

  9. h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes says:

    I had my interview for both promotions at work yesterday, and I’m pretty pleased with how it went. I got to interview for both a high school and a middle school position, which is cool since all the high school team knows of me is what they’ve heard throughout the department.
    I am, however, displeased with how long everything will take. My boss said we should start hiring in late November and argh, it’s so hard to wait that long! I know I’m going to drive myself nuts until then.
    (And okay, it’s also because if I get this thing I’ve promised myself a new set of microdermals, and I reaaally don’t want to try to heal those things up in the winter.)

  10. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    “The readers who joined that got error codes and were unable to get the annual sub will be recontacted and provided a link to sign up for the one year trial.”

    Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

  11. pop top says:

    Does anyone know whatever happened to nakedscience? I was looking at my old messages and saw one from her and realized I hadn’t seen her posts in a long time — because her ability to comment was disabled. Ha. So if you’re out there NS, I want you to know I miss you! :(

    Boring weekend for me. Heading to another casino since my aunt is in town (my mom and aunt LOVE to gamble). Probably getting wasted tomorrow at a bonfire. Sunday will be “hit up the local greasy spoon for recovery food” day, maybe chore day too. :D

  12. JulesNoctambule says:

    The new Trader Joe’s opened down the road from my house! No more long drives to get my cheap wine and tasty frozen goods — we can even walk there.

  13. bornonbord says:

    So I just started a new job (hooray!) and they had me freelance for a couple weeks first.

    While freelancing (before I turned in any paperwork), someone came by and gave me a company credit card with my name on it. I asked my boss about it and was told that they had requested it. I asked if any of my personal information was needed in order to get the card, and my boss assured me the answer was “No”.

    Later that day I had to make a purchase with said card and needed to activate it first.

    In order to activate it, I had to enter in the last four digits of my Social Security number.

    I called my boss out, who then talked to accounting, and they had, in fact, used my SS# to open the card. They claim that my credit wasn’t touched, and that there is no way that this card could effect my credit.

    I told them that I understand that I would probably be getting a company card, but I would really appreciate it if they inform me before using my personal information.

    I’m skeptical. What should I do? Is this even legal? Or am I just being a wuss about this?

  14. theblackdog says:

    So I had my performance review and they still like me here, which is always a good thing. Can’t wait for tomorrow because I am going back to King’s Dominion for their Halloween Haunt, and taking a bud who hasn’t gone here. He should enjoy it.

  15. jamar0303 says:

    …I feel like I’m missing out, being in a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. No, it’s iPhone launch day here.

  16. Laura Northrup says:

    @treimel: Oops. Don’t stop by my house, then.

  17. cash_da_pibble says:

    @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!):
    Our awesome house decorations involve a blacklignt, so we can’t have the porch light on- and that winds up confusing lots of people. We’re going to go with making a rope light path to our door so we can try and welcome folks in.

  18. dohtem says:

    @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!): There are pipes you can buy, like this – [] that you run the cables from the TV through. They can be painted to match your wall color.

    Some people use plumbing pipe or any PVC pipe. I am really horrible at cable management but I’m sure Google can help you out.

  19. secret_curse says:

    @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!): For hiding your cables without using visible tubing, check out this stuff. I second Stevedave on monoprice, their stuff is awesome. That link is to their walljack page. You can go the expensive route and put jacks on the wall behind the TV and behind the cabinet for each cable you’re going to run, or go the less expensive route and just get two of these and run the actual cables through the wall. That will make more sense when you look at the links. *One caveat, running the AC cable for your TV through the wall is generally against code because the TV’s AC cable isn’t technically rated to run through a wall. Ask a local electrician for advice there.

    As far as mounting the TV, it’s not very hard. You’ll buy the stand based on the size of your TV. The stands tend to be brand agnostic. The stand has two parts. One screws into the TV and the other will screw into the wall. You’ll use nice, big lag bolts to screw the mount in the wall. Make sure you’re screwing that part into a solid stud. When the two pieces are screwed to the TV and wall, you just pick up the TV (if you’re like my wife, you’ll direct your husband and one of his friends to pick up the TV) and it’ll have some kind of mechanism to slide onto the wall half of the mount.

  20. ExtraCelestial says:

    @Rachacha: Haha I’d love to hear what they told their friends about what happened when they got back home.

  21. Alex Chasick says:

    @treimel: I would like to see Pedro get another shot, and throw a shutout.

  22. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    @Laura Northrup: : ( RIP Dreamcicle.

  23. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:
  24. Chris Walters says:

    @Laura Northrup: Aww that sucks, Laura. Sorry.

    I like to imagine that when animals die, they go to the afterlife envisioned in Babe 2.

  25. MostlyHarmless says:

    @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!): What? Are you kidding? Your latest blog post was HILARIOUS. Just string a bunch of them together, and you have a book!!

  26. HogwartsAlum says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: Nah, it’s at the Crescent, and I can’t afford to drive down there and stay there. It’s too expensive. I’m going to go sometime, but I guess it’s probably pretty crowded on Halloween anyway, considering it’s haunted.

    That’s the one where the Ghost Hunters got the full-body apparition on the thermalcam in the basement, the one with the hat by the locker that had the number 2 on it.

  27. bloggerX says:

    @Alex Chasick: @treimel: Joe’s pitching Game 4, CLIFF LEE FOR DA WIN BABY!!!

  28. treimel says:

    @Alex Chasick:

    Well, I think it was a matter of the exact reverse of game 1: Pedro threw very well, but A.J. was more of a Cliff Lee.

  29. katstermonster says:

    @HogwartsAlum: I actually hated Girl Scouts, oddly enough. Haha. I don’t like girls too much, and I feel like if we’re going camping, it should be real camping, and not a cabin with heat/running water/electricity. But I’m picky. :)

  30. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    @HogwartsAlum: i got asked to leave girl scouts due to trying to pierce my nose with a friendship pin. i don’t think i kept my sash

  31. HogwartsAlum says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: OH NO! That sucks big time.

    Glad it’s working now!

  32. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    @HogwartsAlum: Yes.. now you can see why I was FREAKING OUT. Lol.

  33. MostlyHarmless says:

    @katstermonster: Coming in the evening.

  34. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    i’m actually REALLY happy with the way it turned out – took about an hour, and the dremel really helped with the curves.

  35. Ratty says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: Thanks!

    Yeah, Twitter app seems like a nice thing. I’d be using mine for work, travel, and lazy mornings. Can you keep one program open and swap to another with an iPod touch or are you stuck with only one thing going?

    @h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes: Thank you!

    I have an original 30GB Zune, it’s showing its wear pretty bad now. No dead pixels or anything. I’ve just dropped it a bunch and every corner (all 8) has a chip. It’s sturdy and the software is great.

    No lederhosen. :(

    @HogwartsAlum: Thanks!

    It’s at work in an office, so beer would not be so ideal.

  36. calquist says:
  37. subtlefrog says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: If it isn’t, we will publicly ridicule him.

  38. HogwartsAlum says:

    @katstermonster: LOL! We used to have day camp for a week and the last day, sleep in tents and cook over the fire. Also, back then, in the ’70s, we actually got pocketknives and learned how to use them. I still have my handbooks and found a Cadette one at the flea market. We didn’t have Cadettes because everyone lost interest after Juniors (into boys and clothes) and it disbanded.

  39. MostlyHarmless says:

    @subtlefrog: Awww poor you :(

    Get better. We need someone to slay all the vampires and beermonsters.

  40. Dustbunny says:

    @Ratty: Ratty — you’re a Scorp too? My b-day was yesterday. A whole week’s worth of healthy eating went out the window, starting with Cinnabons a co-worker brought in the a.m. Oh well.

  41. cash_da_pibble says:

    @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!): A couple months ago I saw the movie Coraline.
    The next night, in a drunken daze, a cousin declared I would make a great Coraline for Halloween.
    I concurred and declared with a slur I would be just that.
    The next day I determined it wasn’t actually a bad idea.

    So- I’m going to be Coraline and leading a trick-or-treating brigade with my Dogzilla.

  42. katstermonster says:

    @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!): Gah I didn’t notice that….sooooo cute!

    @cash_da_pibble: That movie creeped the shit out of me, but it was so good.

  43. katstermonster says:

    @squinko: We were super proud of ourselves, people couldn’t stop talking about it. Going in a group was really key. Also: PBR is nasty, I refuse to drink it. I had jack and coke all night instead. A LOT of jack and coke. Blech.

    @h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes: NO WAY. That’s awesome. I love snakes! I’m pretty sure we’re the same person. One of my friends was asked to leave because she scraped the frosting off her Oreos and ate it separately.

    @HogwartsAlum: No shit…that’s actually something I would have enjoyed. My mom did Boy Scout Explorers as a teenager, she got to do wayyyyyy more fun stuff. My mom’s way cooler than I am, and I think that’s why.

    @GitEmSteveDave: #RosaRocks: Hahaha. That’s hysterical. Inappropriate group costumes are definitely the best. My good friend is dressing in yellow with a number 1 on her shirt, and her fiancee is dressing in brown with a number 2 on his shirt. Pee and poop!!! Hehehe.

  44. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    @Paladin_11: Wow, you assume a lot. How do you know what shoe on which foot Smashville is wearing? Why is racism of any kind ok?

  45. HogwartsAlum says:

    @HogwartsAlum: Trying it…

  46. subtlefrog says:

    @h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes: I always said screw the Girl Scouts – I wanted to be a Boy Scout soooo desperately, though. They actually *did* cool things, like camping and skills that would be useful. Girl Scouts? Not so much.

  47. JulesNoctambule says:

    @Smashville_now with Monster Energy: I consider Three Buck Chuck a small price to pay for inexpensive marscapone and paneer tikka masala.

  48. wvFrugan says:

    You haven’t been around Lou Dobbs’ place have you?

  49. GitEmSteveDave: #RosaRocks says:

    @subtlefrog: Send her to JerseyCam. If that doesn’t send her running, she might be in the running. How does she feel about #RoofCoffeeCup ?

    BTW, are you saying I should tweet less?

  50. badhatharry says:

    @treimel: Yankees in 6.

  51. Paladin_11 says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: You assume a lot too. It wasn’t directed at Smashville, just in general. Most of the time we see folks in black face, like that recent incident in Australia. We never see white face, or at least I never have. I don’t think white people in the US have an opportunity to experience racism (I’m not white btw) so I’m genuinely curious how it feels for white people who experience it. Consider it curiosity on my part. And it’s not that racism is ok; it’s taking notice of a racist example as an educational opportunity.

    Now, let’s both drop our assumptions and attempt to be more open. I’m willing if you are, and I’ll answer all (reasonable) questions.

  52. subtlefrog says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: #RosaRocks: Of course I am not saying you should tweet less. Just passing along the message that the hot 20-something thinks you’re cute.

  53. h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes says:

    @Smashville_now with Monster Energy: Did anyone say anything to her? I’m not personally that offended by it and I’m white, but man that was a terrible judgment call. You would think she would have saved that for the after-work parties.

  54. GitEmSteveDave: #RosaRocks says:

    @subtlefrog: Again, send her to JerseyCam. This weekend she’ll see me cleaning. I’m on my first cup of coffee right now, with a second to follow, and then tackling the mess I have been ignoring for almost a month.

  55. badhatharry says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: #RosaRocks: Does the JerseyCam stay up if she’s walking around the house in boxers?

  56. Smashville says:

    @h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes: HR was conveniently out of the office… :- This is the same one that wears the Obama t-shirt every week…which considering t-shirts aren’t in dress code, she can pretty much get away with whatever…

  57. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    @Paladin_11: I don’t see how you can say that I assume a lot. Unless you are talking about something I said in another thread.

    Anyway, I gave myself some time to think about what I wanted to respond to you with. I didn’t want to fly off the handle at you.

    I “assumed” your comment was directed to Smashville because your comment said it was (@Smashville).

    I am an Amercian caucasian person and I have experienced discrimination my whole life, allthough not usually race based. I did however, experience racism while I was visiting Australia last year. I was shopping at a yarn store with my mother-in-law. When I shop for yarn, I like to hold it and touch it to see how it feels, so I was talking with my mother-in-law while I was feeling a package of yarn and the shop owner came up to us. She knew my mother-in-law and started to chat with her and everything was happy and fine, until my mother-in-law mentioned that I was there from America. The woman’s tone and demenor completely changed as soon as she heard the word “American” and she TOOK the yarn OUT OF MY HAND. Just took it away. She didn’t say a word to me.

    The one thing I regret about this situation is that I purchased the yarn anyway. My want for Australian yarn to take home with me was more powerful than the feelings I felt about being treated poorly. I still have that yarn in my yarn box and have not knitted with it over a year later. I hate that I will always have that story tied to that yarn.

    This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me it was, and it was racism directed squarely at me.

    I do not think that racism of any kind is ok, and I was taken aback when the first thing you said in your comment was, “I’ll be the first to say that I love it!”

    I have seen the clip of the Australian variety show (Hey, Hey! It’s Saturday!) that you are talking about. I thought that Harry Connick Jr’s response to it was great, and I am glad that he was able to speak out against racism on Australian tv, and in turn, all over the world (Through Youtube, and the media that picked up the story). His words were a great testament to the kind of person he is.

  58. Paladin_11 says:

    @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: I think everyone is better served when we don’t let our emotions get involved and we just respond rationally to misunderstandings. So thank you for not flying off the handle at me.

    I get it about the “@smashville” thing, but that’s only because I replied to his/her post. All replies get that type of header, but I probably should have manually erased it.

    “I’ll be the first to say I love it!” I think I’d like to have that one back given Smashville’s follow-up post. I think I’d word it less strongly, as I believe there really is value in looking at the incident. But praising it in spite of its obvious racism is over the top and I was wrong to do so.

    I’m sorry to hear about your incident in Australia. I’ve been to Australia many times. On one trip I was flying between Sydney and Melbourne just after the OJ Simpson verdict was announced. As a black American you wouldn’t believe the abuse that was leveled at me. After a while I got tired of explaining how the justice system in the US is supposed to work. However that incident and yours are examples of anti-Americanism, not racism. I think, had I been white, they would have been a little less cruel about some of the comments. But they still would have made them. It’s sometimes hard for people not to feel a bit superior when someone else does something they don’t agree with. Anti-Americanism or racism, they hurt just the same though.

    In spite of that I still love Australia and the Australian people. There will always be a few bad examples in any group of people.

    Harry Connick Jr will always be a bit of a hero to me now because of how he reacted that day. I think his response was absolutely perfect.

    Finally, a comment about your yarn. I know you regret buying it now. I would too were I in your position. Might I suggest you make something really beautiful from it and then give it away as a gift to someone? I’m sure their joy at your skill and thoughtfulness will go a long way towards removing the sting of that moment.

    Thanks again for your restraint, and I apologize for my part in starting this misunderstanding.

  59. MostlyHarmless says:

    @Paladin_11: HOLY S**T!!!!

    An APOLOGY?? On the INTERNETZ???? ZOMG First time EVER!!

    Wow, this is Awesom-

    Oh shi… now i get it.. fuck we are all doomed. This is the end of the world as we know it. Shit shit shit shit fuck.

    Tell the truth, IMPOSTOR! You are a reptilian operative sent by Obama to destroy the internet, arent you? You just tried to fuck the internet, didnt you? didnt you?

    Yes you did. YES. YOU. DID. You tried to fuck it Pal. And the internet dont like to be fucked, by anybody except Mrs. Internet…

  60. Paladin_11 says:

    @MostlyHarmless: LOL! Nicely done! However I was definitely sincere in my apology.

    As for screwing with the internet, well, there ain’t enough lube in the world to make that work.