FiOS Is Great, If Verizon Ever Manages To Actually Install It

Ben is getting some crappy customer service from Verizon in attempting to get FiOS installed. His phone is disconnected, they made a half-assed install, don’t show up for installs, don’t call, oh, and he still doens’t have FiOS. He writes:

To file amongst other I hate Verizon articles. Typing and summarizing while on hold with Verizon for approximately the 8th time…

Approximately 2 months ago, our apartment building alerted us that Verizon would be installing FIOS. Hooray, I thought…I can finally access the internet at what the Japanese and Europeans consider “broadband” speed.

A month after install, FIOS finally became available in our unit. I suppose before then, the fiber optic cable in my closet didn’t really exist. I scheduled an install 2 weeks out, between 8 am – 7 pm. A customer-friendly 11 hour window.

2 days before, I get robo-called and am forced to submit to a voice-prompt menu to confirm my install date.
Verizon 1 | Dignity 0

The techs arrived, and said the original techs didn’t connect the fiber correctly in the garage, and that type of tech would have to come again. They would call and let us know when they would come so we could open garage.

No call.

4 days later we get buzzed by a Verizon tech who is at our door, looking for garage access. We let him in. Repairs are supposedly made to the garage. We get rescheduled for a 3/20 between 1-3 pm to install FIOS.

3/19…Verizon robo-caller forces me to listen to computer to confirm the install appointment again.
Verizon 2. Dignity 0.

3/20 Verizon doesn’t show. Doesn’t call.

3/21 In attempting to call home, the call won’t go through. Arriving at home, I discover no dial tone. Phone is dead.

3/21-3/23 Out of town.

3/23 evening, I return home and decide to call Verizon about still dead phone. Can’t get to phone service via robo-menu. Forced into FIOS tech support. I explain that I don’t have FIOS (yet) and that they never showed, but bigger problem is no phone service. I am told that Verizon thought I wanted FIOS phone and switched that over. Then apparently called me at my DISCONNECTED number at 8 pm on Thursday the 20th to “reschedule.” I tell support I don’t want, never wanted, and will never want FIOS telephone. I need my phone turned back on immediately. He tells me I can’t call tech support directly b/c system thinks I have FIOS and will only route me to FIOS support, which can’t fix “copper” problems. He attempts to connect. 30 minutes later he can’t get through, tells me to call billing on Monday during office hours.
Verizon 3 | Sanity 0

3/24 I call billing. They acknowledge I don’t have FIOS. Still don’t offer to fix telephone issue. I ask for 3 month phone credit (I have basic service- $17/month including taxes, just local service). They refuse and I ask for supervisor, who I’m holding for now still, about 16 minutes by my phone timer.

They told me my phone service was set for service by 7pm on 3/25. They refused my request for 3 months of service credit, and only offered 5 days (the time I’ve been disconnected to date) of credit. My phone is still off, I still have no FIOS install date, and a “supervisors” supervisor is supposed to call me back tomorrow on my cell phone.

I admit I almost lost it today, as I was on hold almost 15 minutes waiting for the supervisor to connect me to repair (which never happened, they came back and said a repair ticket was already created, which surprisingly took 15 minutes to check). As I was on hold, they repeatedly played a voice-over advertising the free HD TV redemption offer for some level of FIOS order, and I asked why they could give away tvs but not credit me for $45 worth of phone service after they cut it off themselves. Then I asked for the TV. That was also refused.

1) Why can’t someone offer to actually fix my copper line? Maybe handle that while I hold?
2) Why does the robo system refuse to connect me to copper support? Is it inconceivable that an error like mine could happen?
3) Why doesn’t Verizon give their own employees access to other departments to install / correct / fix services?
4) Can someone give me some suggestions on any other high-speed service in Santa Monica California I can use to dump Verizon forever?

I saw you have the executive customer service reps email on I’ll email that tomorrow if my phone is not turned on.

That is some bad customer service. Here is a little pile of emails and phone numbers you can use to quickly escalate your issue. C’mon Verizon, help this guy out, before he decides to put a hammer in his backpack and visit your local office.

212-395-1060 is the number for the CEO’s office.
212-719-3349 is the fax number for the CEO’s office.
212-321-8700 is Verizon Executive Customer Service. is the CEO’s email address.

Mark D. Reddick
Executive Customer Relations
140 West St.
Manhattan, NY 10007
212-321-8457 (office)
212-321-1047 (fax)

Call 1-800-483-7988 and press 3 to reach the Verizon Customer Advocates for landlines and DSL.

Cassandra Flippin
Consumer Advocate in the Verizon Executive Offices

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  1. thesuperpet says:

    yeah I hear you… I signed up for Fios in late December/early January and now we’re moving out of the apartment we are currently in and still no Fios.
    Needless to say, we will not be getting Fios in our new place.

  2. oakie says:

    so the OP turns down 5 days of credit for lost phone service while demanding he get credited for 3 months? what makes him think he deserves a 3 month credit?

    if you want compensation, at least ask for something REASONABLE and RELATED to your issue. pulling the “3 months” thing out of your ass only serves to put up more obstacles.

    if you ever get FiOS installed, maybe then you can KINDLY ASK for a month or two of free service, depending on how long it took them to get things sorted out from the first day you called to order. THAT would be reasonable.

  3. leprofie says:

    Nearly identical problems in fall of 2007. Cassandra Flippin got everything solved. Call her.

    What I learned then is that one hand doesn’t talk to the other, and it is the customer’s responsibility to stop a disconnect if there is a problem with installation.

  4. outinthedark says:

    They actually did my install very quickly…though they started to charge me about 3x as much as I was told on the phone and give me 1/2 of what I “ordered”…

    I canceled their ass and just went with my local company who has customer service hours that extend into the weekend and past 6 PM…don’t know how many times I called Verizon customer service as soon as I got off work. After half an hour waiting for someone, getting transferred multiple times, it was 6 PM and I got hung up on.

    Got my final bill the other day for the two months of horrible service. The CSR dared to mentioned an ETF and immediately shut up when I asked about the bait and switch marketing they used with my apartment complex.

    Their customer service is absolutely horrible. Get your phone number back and never ever think about doing business with Verizon ever again…

    I see Aldephia is available in your area [now Time Warner ?]. I never had a problem with them in Florida and they always sent out a tech when they said they would.

  5. valarmorghulis says:

    @oakie: I didn’t see where he stated he was offered any credit. I saw where he asked for 3 months of credit for his POTS line issues. At $17 a month, that’s $51.00 in a credit. That dollar amount isn’t very much at all, but the 3 months of service probably is too much.

    In any case this whole situation, is just Verizion’s way of adveritising the award-winning customer satisfaction. Hey, I didn’t say it was a POSITIVE award did I?

  6. Murph1908 says:

    My FiOS install went very smooth and easy. The guys were in my place for 2 hours max setting it all up.

    The issue I am having is the TV going out periodically. At mostly random intervals, I’ll get ‘currently unavailable’ on all channels. It’ll last anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours. Anyone else getting something like this?

    I had a tech out on Saturday, but he was apparently ineffective.

  7. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    The thing I hate about Verizon is that they are several companies operating under the same name. Landline, DSL, dial-up, Fios, digital phone, TV. And to add to the horror, they don’t communicate with each other to resolve issues. When I ordered Verizon DSL at my old place, my landline went out a couple days before the activation date. I called their DSL sales line to find out what’s going on. They told me to call their support number. And when I called their support number, they told me to call the customer service number for my landline service. WTF?

    DSL service was pretty new in that area back then and I could understand experiencing some technical glitches, but it was really unacceptable that no one wanted to help me resolve the issue. Instead they told me to call someone else.

    As for the submitter, try signing up for regular Verizon DSL instead. You won’t get blazing speeds compared to Fios, but it’s certainly more reliable than Time Warner broadband.

  8. JohnMc says:

    “1) Why can’t someone offer to actually fix my copper line? Maybe handle that while I hold?”

    Why? Because Verizon does not want you to retain copper phone lines. VZ has two reasons for this:

    1) Its cheaper for them from a support cost standpoint.

    2) Permits them to be able to bust the union. With fewer repair call outs with fiber they can force the union to make concessions.

  9. @JohnMc: #1 is a specious argument, as they pull it from the pole to the house, but leave it all in the street.

    You forgot #3: But more importantly, without the copper lines, someone else can’t sell you DSL or phone service. You’re stuck with them. The FCC rules say that verizon has to keep the copper shared, but the fiber can be all theres.

    That’s why I turned down FIOS. I buy Internet from a smaller provider because they seem easier to deal with. I would rather keep that option than give it all up for FIOS.

  10. Also, if Ben gets FIOS, he should give up his Consumerist title, as he is selling out to a monopoly.

  11. m1k3g says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly don’t think FIOS is ‘great’.. With the all-in-one package the upload/download speeds suck, support people are idiots, & FIOS TV has so many friggin commercials it’s ridiculous. I’m not sayng that I’m ready to switch back to cable anytime real soon, but once the current contract is up I’m definitely going looking for alternatives.

  12. Paul_Auger says:

    Your problems wont stop once you get the service set up. Verizon wont let me PAY MY BILL. I sent ther following email to a local consmer advocate wnd would love to shear it with you folks as well

    Ms. Hogan,

    I wrote to of this matter before, and you were kind enough to send me a post card asking me to call you to follow up on this matter. I chose not to call you back, because I mistakenly beloved that Verizon had resolved that matter, and I did not think it was worth wasting your time or mine to deal with a problem that was taken care of. Well I was wrong and I find myself in the same situation once again, again due to the incompetence, poor customer service, and down right dishonesty of Verizon FIOS.

    As I told you last time I wrote you due to the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder that affects fine and gross motor functions I cannot write, checks out to pay bills. Therefore it is imperative that I set up automatic bill pay, so I can keep my utilities running uninterrupted. I will not rehash all the details of my first email to you; rather I will cut and paste it below this correspondence for your reference. Let me up date you on what “actions” Verizon has taken (or claimed to take) and my situation as of today, Monday, March 24, 2008.

    After Verizon realized I contacted you and were hoping to have your television station assist me with this issue, on your consumer advocacy segment “Call 12 for Action” on the 6 pm WPRI newscast. They jumped to remedy my situation; soon I was called by a Rhode Island Verizon representative Mr. Terry Upton, he was very helpful. After putting me in touch with Verizon tech support, where they took my routing number and told me that they arranged the direct withdrawal, everything seemed fine, key work there is SEEMED.

    Come to find out the incompetence of the Verizon staff is shining through once again. I use Verizon for my internet and television, I don’t have a land line I use Verizon cell phone for as my sole phone service. It seems as if they only made withdrawals from my checking to cover the internet fees, not the cost on the television bill.” I did not notice this since so many “adjustments” were made to my bill to compensate me for their first blunder Verizon made, when I checked to see if monies were being withdrawn the smaller dollar amount seemed reasonable. I now know I should have check the amount latter on, I will own this mistake, however, the company made no effort to contact me, to let me know about the billing problem. Soon my service was discontinued again, due to their not following through with our agreement.

    At this point I called Mr. Upton 401-578-5642 and left numerous voice mails all which have gone unacknowledged. Unfortunately my computer crashed and needs to be replaced, I was unable to email him, until I got to a friends computer today, and I plan to cc this email to him.

    Since I could not get to Mr. Upton, I called Verizon FIOS 1-800-895-8044. I was unable to get though since it was after hours and the customer support service was closed for the evening, this was on March 18th the day my service was disconnected, not knowing what else to do I called 611 on my cell phone, I spoke with Kiki and she told she would call me the next day. She called me on the 19th after customer service had me closed to call FIOS back the next day. There was nothing more she could do.

    I called on the 21st and got a huge shock, as I said before I thought the dollar amount being taken out of my checking account covered both TV and internet since that was what I was told on the phone by the person Mr. Upton put me in touch with, turns out I was wrong, they only took out the internet. This left a balance of about $266 unpaid, with an over due amount of about $172, which had to be paid in full before my service could be reinstated. I explained that I would be more then happy to pay the over due amount how ever I wanted it to be understood that this debt would have never accumulated if they had followed through with our agreement in the first place, it was their sloppy work that created this unnecessary stress in the first place. I was told that I would have to pay the full over due amount $172 or my television would remain disconnected until it was paid.

    I went on to give further information about my situation. I let the operator know the history I have had with Verizon since August 2007 to today, I also shared with them that I am a substitute teacher and I only get paid for the days I go in. recently I had a bout with pneumonia from which I am still recovering. This caused me to lose two weeks pay. So I simply do not have $172 to give them, keeping in mind that I would not owe it to them in the first place if they kept their word and followed through with what we agreed upon.

    He also told me that I had until March 29 to make the payment or my contract would be canceled all together, I asked him if this happened if I would still be responsible for the early termination fee since THEY were disconnecting me and I was not seeking them out to discontinue my service. He did not know. In my opinion this would be a good thing since I would be able to go back to COX communications at this point, when I was with them they had no problems providing me with direct withdrawal and they had 24 hr customer service, something Verizon lacks, witch might be a good thing because 24 hours of customer service that is grossly incompetent is no better then getting nothing on the other end of the line.

    Finally he adjusted the amount due to $97. I thanked them for this and told them that I did not have even that at the moment. I told the man from billing that I would be glad to give them $50 that day and the other $47 April 1. He agreed to this and said that the $50 would be enough to get the service started again since I was making a “good faith effort”. He told me that he was going to forward me to a person that would take payment over the phone, I was to tell them of my $50 agreement and I would be all set, the TV would be back by the end of the day. I told the man I was sent to about the $50 arrangement he refused to honor it, he also refused to speak with the person I spoke to, to verify my story.

    This shows the true nature of the Verizon organization, they are unorganized, give poor customer service, and are out right liars. Can you help me get my service back on with the assurance that the money for both cable and internet will be deducted from my account in a timely fashion? To be honest I would rather go to COX.

    In addition to sending this to you I also plan on sending this email to various disability advocacy groups, I believe my civil rights have been violated, since the ability to make payments on my bill has been mad in accessible to me this is a clear violation of the ADA. Finally I will post my all the emails I have sent on my Verizon web space making this a mater of public record. I will also create duplicate site on Google Pages []

    Paul Auger

    Other emails I sent

    I am writing to express how absolutely unimpressed, unsatisfied and underwhelmed I am with your lack of customer service. When I signed up for Verizon FIOS I made it clear to the person who enrolled be that, due to the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder that effects fine motor control, and makes it impossible for me to write out checks, I had to have my payments automatically deducted from my checking account. The individual that signed me up lead me to believe that this would be arranged, and even took my debit/credit account number, with this understanding, I signed up for your service. FIOS (television and cable, I did not order a phone land line). I truly enjoy the services I get, and have no problem paying for them that’s where my problem lies.

    As I told you I was told that my payments would be deducted automatically through my credit card. (VISA). When the bill came in I assumed the withdrawal would be made, it never was. I tried to pay the bill on line and thought I had done so successfully. I did not; soon I got an automated call asking me to call to make a payment. I called; spoke with a woman who gave me a number to call to make the payment over the phone, using the automated system. At that point my bill was over $300. I agreed to pay $150 that day and the balance at the end of the next week. Since I was calling from my place of employment, on my break time, which was coming to an end, I decided to wait to make the call until I got home. When I got home and called the number I was given I discovered that it was not a Verizon number at all. Rather it was the number to a financial planning company of some type, I then called an alternative number the woman I spoke with earlier during the afternoon provided me with. This number was to a service that would help me pay my bill over the web if I chose to do so; I called the number for web assistance, got an automated recording that asked me to press a number on my telephone key pad that corresponded to where I lived. I live in Rhode Island so I selected the number 4. I got the SAME recording so I depressed the 4 key a second time and was cut off. I called back 3 times with the same result. Not knowing what to do I called 611 on my Verizon cell phone. This brings me to customer support for my cell phone, I explained my dilemma to them and made it clear how annoyed, frustrated and angry I was. They tried to help, but since the cell phone department and the FIOS department are not connected and they could not access my information, they were limited in the amount and type of assistance they could offer. After trying to give me different numbers, and attempting to connect me to different departments, three phone calls later, we gave up. I was told by the cell phone customer support person that I should give up for the night, not worry about it over the weekend (it was a Friday night) and call the number I called Friday afternoon, to straiten the problem out, so three hours after my first call of that Friday evening I took the advise I was offered. I was told that a note of the conversation would appear in my cell phone account and would be provided to the FIOS department upon request.

    Monday afternoon after work I called back and spoke with a woman named Kathy, She apologized, took a months payment off the bill, took by credit card number, She told me that $150 WOULD BE DEDUCTED FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT THE NEXT DAY. The balance would be deducted on November 10, 2007; she went on to say that all other payment would be automatically deducted from my checking account on the tenth of each month. I was happy with this arrangement. Kathy told me if I had any further problems to call her directly, and gave me a number that went to her desk (508) 502-1293. When I checked on line the next day and did not see the $150 deducted from my checking account I made it a point to call Kathy. Each time I got a busy signal. I continued to try to connect with her unsuccessfully up to and on Wednesday November 7, 2007.

    On the 7 th I came home and discovered my cable television had been disconnected, although I could still access the internet. I called FIOS to find out what the issue was. I was told that my bill was still unpaid; I would have to pay the bill in full before service could be restored. I explained the arrangement I made with Kathy. She told me that that arrangement was invalid and that Kathy did not have the right to authorize such an arrangement. I explained that I did not see how it was my fault that an employee of Verizon entered into an agreement with a customer that they did not have the authority to initiate. I then demanded to speak with a manager! My name and number were taken and about 1/2 hour later my call was returned by a manager, Maria. She agreed to restore my television service that evening, and I was to pay $150 over the web that night. She provided me with a number to call if I needed assistance I mentioned to her that this was extremely stressful and I did not see why paying a bill should be so difficult, (keep in mind I am trying to GIVE YOU MONEY! This should be easy! I feel I am entitled to an additional reduction in my bill due to the extended stress and aggravation this has caused. (Including the time and effort it took to compose such a detailed email). Maria agreed and recommended that I contact the billing department about this matter. Before hanging up Maria gave me a direct line to billing and collections. 1-(888)-338-9333.

    I then tried to pay the bill on line; I had to register as a first time user, something I thought I had already done. I tried to do this and cut and pasted the account number from my online bill (0074016977839). I submitted the information and a page came up displaying a message stating that the account could not be found. I went back and pasted it again and got the same result. I called the web support number and got the same recording I pressed 4 for Rhode Island, and got a message asking me to hold, after approximately 15 minuets of listening to music, I got a second recording, stating that the department was closed for the evening and I should call back the next day.

    Not wanting to lose my service AGAIN I called the number Maria gave me to contact her with. I got a man who told me that it was impossible to transfer me to a certain person; I explained that Maria gave me this number and told me to use it to contact her directly. He put me on hold and after more music I was disconnected. I called back a second time, spoke with a woman who took my name and number, and told me that Maria would call me back with in 4 business hours (most likely the next day). Thankfully my TV was restored during this time!

    Today the 8 th I called FIOS directly, and asked about the account number I was told that the number I used was the wrong number I should use 7798001318 instead. I sign on to the web, and used the new number and again I was shown a message saying the account could not be found. So my bill is still not paid, despite many attempts to pay it. (I still have not heard from Maria! It is now the 12 th!)

    I also went to your website and used and email form to send an earlier version of this email, one that did not discuss the events after the 8 th,

    I made yet another call to your office on the 9 th I was put through to the web support person. She walked me through the process of making a one time payment over the web. The full amount was with drawn from my checking account. I received conformation of this payment which I will forward with this email. I also set up monthly direct withdrawals from my checking account. I received an email confirming this as well. I will also include a copy of that email for your review.

    I thought this issue was resolved; I went through the weekend, Friday the 9 th, Saturday the 10 th, and Sunday the 11th without any interruption to my service. Monday night the 12 th my service was once again interrupted. Keep in mind that I paid my bill in full and received confirmation for payment on the 9 th. When I called you office I was told that the service was disconnected due to lack of payment! I explained that I paid the bill on the 9 th and had an email to confirm it. I was told that since I reach technical support and the billing office was closed I would have to wait for tomorrow the 13 th for restoration of my service. I blew up, and demanded to speak with a manager; I was transferred and spoke with Michael. He listened to what I had to say, and I forwarded the earlier version of this email and the confirmation of my payment made on the 9 th. He said he would refer this to the billing department. He said I would get a call from them the next day the 13 th. He gave me a confirmation number of 20071132866.

    As you can tell paying you has been an extremely stressful ordeal. If getting you money is THIS difficult how is it going to be to get something fixed if something should go wrong? I am seriously thinking about leaving Verizon and going back to COX. Can you give me a reason not to? The early cancellation fee? It is not like you are going to go out of you way to make it possible for me to pay it! I need to know how you plan to resolve this issue. I wonder if I have an ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) case here. You are not making payment options available to an individual with a disability. Since no one there can give me a straight answer to this problem would it help if I sent this email to the Providence Journal as an open letter to Verizon? In fact since I cannot watch TV to night I will be looking for the email address of the consumer advocates for the 3 local news programs in Rhode Island. I will forward a copy of this email to each of them this evening; I will also make It a point to CC you with each email I send. I really hope it will not come to civil right law suits, or open letters. But it may.

  13. ManiacDan says:

    I just wanted to put in my .002 cents about Verizon.

    First, to agree with LatherRinseRepeat, the reason why Verizon FiOS can’t fix your Verizon copper is because they are different companies. That’s why, on the verizon website, you are asked what kind of customer you are before you log in. The “home” services are more tightly integrated with each other than with the wireless service, but they’re still different.

    @m1k3g: Are you talking about commercials on regular channels? If so, then there aren’t any more or less than normal cable. If you’re talking about commercials during On-Demand programming, then I agree. Also, internet speeds are pretty good if you pay for the higher packages.

    As for anyone else who happens upon this, do you have FiOS HD TV? If so, when did you get it? I submitted a story to the consumerist a couple days ago about verizon claiming they were “out” of HD set-top boxes, and I can’t find good confirmation anywhere. There are various AP stories about it going back to February, but other than that I’m in the dark. Are they installing HD TV anywhere in the country?

  14. Dobernala says:

    @ManiacDan: LOL, they broke his copper that easily, they should be able to fix it all the same.

  15. tvmitch says:

    FWIW, the real name of the company that does business as Verizon Wireless is not Verizon – it’s Cellco Partnership, or something similar.

    Verizon is the most segmented company in America. There must be 50+ divisions, between DSL, TV, the different local cell providers they ate up, baby bell phone companies, etc. They are truly a mess.

  16. BenP says:

    thanks guys…this is Ben. I get that 3 months service is a big ask even if it’s a low dollar amount. But they have been completely unwilling to help me. I understand FIOS department can’t fix my copper line, but it’s literally impossible for me to get through to copper services since my account is now flagged as FIOS.

    This morning FIOS called me back multiple times, which is appreciated, but they still haven’t offered an ETA on fixing my phone line or offered an earlier install appointment.

  17. BenP says:

    Phone is back on. hooray.

  18. chewie82 says:

    I had FIOS internet installed since September 2007, priored to the big advertistment bloom. I have not had any type of problem with Verizon customer service at all. When I do have an issue with the internet service, tech support promptly fixes the issue. Actually, Verizon provided the best tech support out of all the other major corporations I have had to deal with *cough* DELL *cough*. I can only speak for the tech support department of Verizon customer service.

  19. FLConsumer says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat & tvmitch: I wholeheartedly agree that trying to navigate through the various Verizon companies is maddening. Took Verizon nearly 2 months to get DSL service moved to my new home, and that includes me calling them a month in advance to let them know about the move. They disconnected my existing line 3 days early, but it would be another month before things started working at my new place.

    To add to the confusion, they have a CO that looks like a regular house here, literally right down the street. The DSL signal was coming in too strong and I was encountering all sorts of issues because of it. Try getting Verizon to dispatch a DSL tech to work on a copper issue. Ended up getting the city franchise dept involved and then things finally were straightened out, 3 months after the initial order.

    Don’t even get me started on their “tech support” or lack thereof. Also, is it me or does Verizon have the worst voice recognition systems out there? For that matter, who actually LIKES the voice recognition systems? Give me an old “Push 1 for” phone tree any day over that crap.

  20. jlraynes says:

    We had a similar problem with our install. We did end up speaking to Mark Reddick (after an e-mail to the CEO) and he was very helpful and we did eventually get our install done soon after that.

  21. ManiacDan says:

    @Dobernala: If they didn’t install it, legally they can’t repair it. They can only be held responsible for the repair costs. There was a similar problem in my apartment. Time Warner accidentally cut my neighbor’s phone line, and he had to call AT&T to get them to come out and fix it, then he had to send the bill to Time Warner. I believe they gave him a service credit instead of money, because, as everyone knows, crappy TV is the same as cash.

  22. Ragman says:

    I’ve found that on the voice prompts, if it asks for your phone number, you get put through to phone support. Even if you were calling for Fios support. It’s a problem if you don’t have combined billing, b/c they’re separate accounts. Every time I look into their combined billing, it looks as if you must have Verizon Wireless to do it.

    Once they get your fiber right, your phone will go on the fiber. They turn off your copper hookup and jump your house lines over to the ONT.

    I’ve read that Verizon, in some cases, removed the outside copper lines once the fiber was in.

  23. ToddGR says:

    You are not alone (nor does it look like you have a pleasant future with Verizon either). Check out what happened to this guy.


  24. mdmx1324 says:

    This is a dream come true. A VERIZON HATE SITE. My nightmare started December 3, 2007 when I agreed to the triple play and the TV. I called in January to tell billing I have received no bill yet and they said “Oh, it’s ok, your not due yet”. I called the promo dept to tell them I didn’t get any paperwork for the TV and they said, “We’ll send it right out”. Well… in Feb I get over a $400 bill and a suspension notice. My calling started. They tell me I have no bundling so inflated bill and no TV. Tech support steps in. I have an old DSL account, not fios so no user name and password to accept the bundling terms. Ok, they’ll call me back. Next week, I call back. Oh, closed out the ticket because they can’t fix it. Speak to billing – I have to send them $$ so as not to get shut off. Back to tech support-billing cannot credit me or bundle my billing until I accept the terms online. OK, new ticket open (now I start taking these ticket #’s and names)Next week I call back. Tech support cannot figure out how to switch me from DSL to FIOS account. They’re going to SCRUB my entire account and start over with new user name & password (remember, I never had one to begin with!!!???)Next week I call back (this is a phone company in which no one knows how to make a friggin phone call)and tech support gives me a user name and temp password. I sign on, change my password and go to bundling terms. I get an ERROR CODE. Tech support has to put in another ticket. Next week I call back. The guy swears that my account had been “REPOINTED” and I’m good to go. Make him stay on the phone while I do this and guess what?? ERROR MESSAGE. Another ticket – now I’m on to supervisors. They swear they will find out how to fix it. Next week, I call back (last week) billing won’t budge and still no paperwork on a TV. Today, I drew the line – I’m disconnecting everything, going back to Comcast. I get yet another sweet tech support guy apologizing for everything. “Raoul” listens yet again to my long story (PS, I’ve been on the phone for two and one half hours by now!!!) He swears he’ll check into it and call me back. HE DOES!! They cannot fix my problem at all. NEVER. I’ll never show up as a FIOS account. Go Figure!! I ask him to conference me with him to billing. He does. I listen in. Billing tells him they will not help me. He tells them there is no other way and they agree. Miss Mohamad sets me up for the bundles billing. We’ll see what happens next bill. If no, don’t you think I should get some credit for all this crap??? OK, Raoul and I are off to promo for my TV. Raoul says he’ll call back. HE DOES again. The Promo dept REFUSES TO GIVE ME ANYTHING until I go online and check that stupid dumb-ass box to accept bundling which we all know now that tech cannot do for me. OK SUPID ASSES, FAX ME A PIECE OF PAPER AND I’LL SIGN IT. THEN GIVE ME MY TV!!! Fat chance of that happening. Today is March 25th. This started December 13th!!!VERIZON SUCKS. I believe that after I am compensated for a prize, I will go back to Comcast. I’ll check in next week and let you know what stupid move they’ve made this week.

  25. pwillow1 says:

    I am due to get the Triple Play installed on April eighth and now I’m scared to go through with it, after reading all these horror stories. I have Comcast now (internet and TV) and have had few problems with it… it’s just too expensive to continue! Comcast’s rates have steadily risen for the last three years. Yeah, I paid an introductory rate for premium cable and high-speed internet at $75/month for one year, but now I’m paying almost $135/month for both.

    So I read about Verizon’s Triple Play: 200-plus TV channels, FiOS internet at speeds that exceed Comcast, PLUS one phone line for around $110/month… plus an incentive (digital camera or gift card) to sign a two-year contract. Oh, and Verizon’s price is guaranteed for two years, too.

    But now I’m not sure I should switch.

    I’m a rarity here on Consumerist — a customer who hasn’t had much to complain about with her Comcast service. But Comcast’s rates have forced me to take a look at the competition.

    Now I’m not sure I want the competition anywhere near my house.

  26. jonbruc says:

    I signed up for Verizon FIOS in Montgomery County, Maryland, and I have to say that I had a much better experience than the people above. I did have to wait about two weeks for an available appointment, but when the day came, my technician was friendly, knowledgeable, and on time.

  27. chewie82 says:

    For all the others that have had problem with Verizon. I am starting to wonder if that is due to geographic location. Like jonbruc, I live in Maryland and have not had problem with Verizon. After posting about Verizon FIOS tech support yesterday (March 25th), the router stopped working. I called tech support promptly and a tech was sent out the same day to replace the router. Also I have not had to speak to any CSRs that have been outsourced to foreign countries.

  28. ManiacDan says:

    @chewie82: Interesting. I live in the South and I constantly get terrible service from the “local” offices. See my comment above about them being completely out of HD receivers and no idea when they’ll be coming in. Also, the last 3 times my internet or TV mysteriously went out, I could only get in contact with an outsourced worker reading from a poorly written script.

    As a hilarious note, when I called Verizon to verify that they were out of HD receivers yesterday, someone was watching Bugs Bunny at ridiculous volumes in the background of the call center. Nothing ends a service call quite as well as Bugs yelling “SO LONG, SUCKER!”

  29. Ke says:

    I live in Northern Virginia and two of my friends have FIOS and seem to get great service. I am still hesitant to get FIOS myself but it seems like it might be a regional thing. Even when it comes to HD Receivers, when we called Verizon, they did not say anything about not having HD Receivers.

    @ManiacDan: Hahahaha, that is awesome! Well, not that s/he was watching Bugs Bunny but that the call is ended that way. I would applaud the honesty if they actually said that.

  30. shannondawn64 says:

    I am looking for any possible help. My son just returned from a one year tour in Afghanistan. He immediately signed up for Verizon phone and then subsequently decided to get wireless internet for his barricks room. He just recieved his first bill. $10,000!!!!! He was told when he signed up for this that it was UNLIMITED. What can he do? They are going to ruin his credit and sue him Im sure. Any and all help is appreciated.