26 Secret Comcast Supervisor Phone Numbers

Here are 26 unpublished direct numbers for level 2.5 and above Comcast supervisors. We’ve published many a horror story about Comcast’s incompetent front-line staff. But according to our inside source, these people know how to fix your problems. We’ve got numbers for high level people on the national level, as well as numbers which are good for central Pennsylvania customers. Let the escalations begin!

These support desk people have national access:

888-345-5731 National Support Desk – Dispatchers, day of install issues, etc. IVR requests Remedy TTS ticket number, but once you’re on the phone they’re not likely to turn you away, even if you just need a box hit.
877-456-5488 Support Desk Pager
Manager Elizabeth Carpenter – Cell – 267-303-1123, Desk – 856-317-7417, Pager – 888-438-2983
Director Mike Nocitra – Desk – 484-530-5541, Cell – 610-306-3750
The latter two are pretty much required to be nice to you and help you as much as possible even though it’s nowhere near their job description. It’s not as if they can refuse to take an escalation, even if you escalate yourself to them.

The below people can help if your account number starts with 01603, 01622, 01711, 01692, 05818, 09547, 09549, or 09560:
Barb Fry – Retention Sup – 717-202-8130
Brandon Mitchell – Billing Sup – 717-202-8142
Cory Graby – Sales Sup – 717-202-8281
Dennis Shadle – Sales Sup – 717-202-8106
Don Brickley – Service Sup – 717-202-8112
Elisha Kunkle – Sales Sup – 717-202-8290
Giancarlo Rodriguez – Marketing Manager – 717-202-8176 (Not really a sup per se, but can get things done quickly if need be)
Jawal Boyd – Billing Sup – 717-202-8139
Jeff Eck – Billing Sup – 717-202-8234
Jen Boyer – Billing Sup – 717-202-8235
Mary Ellen Fahringer – Sales Manager – 717-202-8122 (She is the manager of the Sales Supervisors above. If you get nowhere with them, it might not hurt to drop MEF’s name (Yes, she is called “Mef” by anyone who knows her) and mention you have her number and would be happy to call her if necessary)
Mike Noren – Billing Sup – 717-202-8218
Peggy Shea – Sales Sup – 717-202-8217
Sherree Henley – Retention Sup – 717-202-8115
Tim Miller – Billing Sup – 717-202-8136
Tom Zimmerman – Billing Sup – 717-202-8135

(Sup hours can vary widely. Try them all. Leave a voicemail. Or ten. Then call MEF and tell her no one will return your calls. They’ll get back to you.)

And then there’s the bridge and headend people. It’s not their job per se to help customers, but if one called them, the bridge has access to help and would be angry enough to do it just to make someone go away, and the headend, while not all THAT useful, is important enough to irritate someone into taking action on your behalf…

Lebanon Call Center Bridge 717-202-8202 (7 AM-12AM)
Lebanon Headend 717-202-8190

The sups and other numbers on here are limited to a certain geographic area, roughly PA from the New York line to the Maryland line, west as far as Breezewood, East to just shy of Plymouth Meeting.
Additionally, any Comcast customer in rural WVa, VA, or a small piece of PA west of Mercersburg who is CONSTANTLY getting misdirected to either Pittsburgh or Lebanon PA, we route calls based on the number you call from, and it inevitably ends up wrong if you’re in one of those areas and a legacy Adelphia customer. So go right to the source. You are in “corp” 01626, and are served out of the Hancock, MD service center and the Manassas, VA call center. Only the people in Manassas can pull up your account. Dial direct 703-740-2225

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  1. faust1200 says:

    I hope nobody uses these numbers to prank the holy hell out of Comcast or anything like that.

  2. Coder4Life says:

    where are the posts todays guys and girls??

  3. fluiddruid says:

    Wow. This is why my previous call center didn’t give agents direct numbers to anything. :)

    Granted, Comcast deserves it for their pitiful service, but that’s gotta be a mess for them to clean up (change all the numbers, natch).

  4. Corydon says:

    @Coder4Life: There’s not much to say about this.

    Hope these numbers accomplish something but more likely than not you’ll either get a full voicemail box (and if you can leave a message, it’ll just get deleted) or you’ll get transferred back to regular customer service.

  5. JHoward88 says:

    Hmm… I’ve never had any major problems with Comcast from a consumer standpoint. Unless Comcast is unlike most other companies however, those telephone numbers are not ‘classified’ so much as they are simply obscure.

    Most people’s greatest comcast problems are related to poor connections or something coming unplugged; I don’t necessarily pride their customer service for anything over the top, but I really can’t imagine what kind of problems would prompt someone to want to phone up headquarters.

  6. Snowblind says:

    you know, I guess I got lucky. I moved from pacbell/SBC to Comcast and had no trouble getting the install, and only a little trouble when the internet connection was flakey. The installer did a fantastic job routing cables (had to run a new connection from the telphone pole) and doing the install in general (like taking his boots off outside on the porch every time when he came inside)

    Poor guy was working in a rainstorm and a little water got in a splitter. Caused the network connection to flake every 20 to 30 minutes. Another tech came out in better weather and replaced it, works fine since.

    I hope it is representative of further service and I wont need those numbers, but we will see.

  7. gamabunta says:

    I called Brandon Mitchell and he seemed pretty shocked a customer was able to reach him. Lots of “who gave you this number?”

    Closed my account with them in January and am still being billed for it. Was able to get a substantial amount removed from the bill by calling him and found out it was never officially closed even though I went in person and returned the equipment. Service reps at the 1-800 number kept telling me otherwise.

    Are the FCC public comments still open?

  8. Cowboys_fan says:

    They’re not exactly secret if they are on here! :p

  9. Moosehawk says:

    I don’t forsee these numbers being used wrong in any way, shape, or form.

  10. Osi says:

    Comcast is another name for Fraud/Scam. Go to their website, type in “99801” for the area code to see if you get service. The site claim that they provide service to that area code (Alaska).

    Gave them a call, they say their website will provide service to every area code, but in reality they do not … scammers …

  11. polyeaster says:

    My old call center kept a list for the front desk person that contained all our contact info…it was once accidentally included in an email, and although no one called me on my cell, I would’ve been quite annoyed if someone called me for something work related on my personal cell.

  12. sleze69 says:

    These numbers are limited to Central PA, it seems. I guess all those Lancaster/Harrisburg people will benefit. The rest of us…

  13. murph says:

    I need some Top Secret #’s for Xbox Live Support!

  14. gfinakoma says:

    seriously! i need these for disneyland and the grand californian!

  15. caj11 says:

    I wonder what the typical time frame is for them to change the numbers once they’re posted on here? Oh well, I hope this at least serves as some sort of lesson to Comcast and makes them clean up their act. Well, probably not. The powers that run that joke of a company can’t see the forest for the trees.

  16. Kenneth says:

    It’s COMCASTIC!! (sorry I had to)


    I hope i’m not the only one who finds it hilarious that someone went through this trouble for CABLE! haha Just keep paying the bill and shut up.

  18. lexnekst says:

    I just wanted ot say thanks for posting these numbers. The comcast salesman mislead me into thinking that the $30 installation fee I paid, was my deposit. I asked in plain english if this was the deposit, or were there other fees.

    I spent a week on the phone, and finally talked to a customer service rep “Darius”. I told him the same story, and he said,” Yeah. I know how the sales guys do.” He said he’d take the deposit off.
    Whaddya know! Two days later- everything’s suspended.
    It was July 4, 2008. The Brits could’ve taken this country back and I wouldn’t have known.
    I use my friend’s cell phone and play their little game of what I like to call, pass and wait, hold and pass….
    I get a “floor leader” on the phone. YOU KNOW, the one that had to be briefed on my account so badly, but I still tell th ewhole story everytime. Yeah, well we get into a shouting match- all I want is the number to a higher up, a district manager, regional manager, hell I’d have taken an assistant manager-
    She pretty much admits she can’t do anything, while admitting she’s not givin up the digits.
    I found this article yesterday. Called up to the CEO’s office. I was super cool. It’s like, they respect that you found the number to their threshhold.
    ” Can you transfer me ot the CEO’s office?”
    ” Yessir, hold please.”
    You mean I don’t have to be interrogated as to why I want to speak to authority, what an idea.
    I get transferred to a CEO Assistant, fill her in on the blanks in a very cool, calm matter.
    ( I said that I was an iraq vet and hadn’t been home long…that’ll get you some pull.)
    She basically told me she would contact my local comcast, but NOT the call center. No more than 45 minutes later, I had the local exec on the phone.

    She refunded the deposit, had all my services reactivated, and gave me her personal number to call should anything arise…

    Thank you, dudes at Consumerist.

  19. Fitzroya says:


    I receive a mailed bill every month. Every month I pay it by the due date. Lately I have been getting phone calls from Comcast phone reps saying my account is months behind. I explain I have mailed statements that prove otherwise. Twice I took in my record of bills and proved my record.

    Following the last merry-go-round when I was treated like I was stupid, I made a commercial on You Tube, and it had so many hits so fast, a Comcast manager contacted me about it. We resolved the matter and he apologised for the inconvenience.

    Today (post date of the new commercial), the phone calls began again, and a Hun named Monique proved that she could not read, could not be reasoned with, proved herself rude and belligerent, and she refused to give any contact information or allow me to speak with her supervisor. So here we go again. Just like before.

    Comcast wants me to AGAIN bring in their own mailed bills and my bank record to verify I paid, for a third time. In fact I have a new bill since then… but Comcast phone reps say I owe hundreds according to their records.

    When a company cannot verify its own mailed billing statement, something is grossly wrong with the company.

    Can Comcast find their own ass if they refer to Gray’s Anatomy for help?

    So the ad went back up, and it is up to stay. I do professional commercial music, and butchered the Comcast theme to reflect a pathetic comique.

    I am astonished by the number of people online who have similar and even worse experiences with them. I found no shortage of material to feature.

    Monique, Comcast managers who hire “Moniques:”

    This is for you.

    Comcast; It’s Not for Anyone!

  20. SamNemo says:

    I switched to FIOS but keep getting ads in the mail from Comcast. I called today to be taken off the mailing list. “Ariel” harasses me about how much money I could save if I switched to comcast and refuses to transfer me to mailing or a supervisor.

    I explain to her that its not a question of price, it’s a question of quality. I’m not going to pay for something that doesn’t work regardless of how cheap it is.

    She hangs up on me.

    How on earth was that going to convince me to come back to them?

    Thank you very much for posting the above numbers. I think I’ll be using them.