Tivo Troubs

Eric had some trouble with his TiVo and went through three tiers of customer service reps before reaching a critical point, that delicate juncture when the truth butts fiercely up against the facade of happy customer service and one of two things have to go…

Either the lie or the plastered smile…

    “…Which is when K.D. told me that he had been a TiVo subscriber for just as long, and that I was wrong. He then asked me if I thought that I knew his job better than he did.”

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  1. misskaz says:

    Sounds like although Eric had a bad customer service experience with TiVo, it’s really DirectTV that isn’t providing the program information correctly.

    Kinda like when my TiVo cut off the last 2 minutes of the season finale of Battlestar Galactica because the program info (either Comcast’s or SciFi Channel’s) didn’t indicate the episode would be running an extra minute or two long. I’ve never been so sad to hear that TiVo “ding!”