Micro Kvetch: ‘Best of’ Roundup

On Monday we offered up Bill Green
s stellar mini-kvetch
and asked you to chime in. Here
s the week’s best:

To any and all current and future Gap employees…or anybody, really – Do not refer to me as “chief” when ringing up my knit cap. Or ever. -Clampants

Word. Don’t let the knit cap fool you, we are people, not chiefs.

Ringtones: they want me to spend $3.99 for 20 seconds of a song I can buy in full for $0.99 on iTunes (I pipe directly into my phone’s filesystem and make my own ringers because I’m a dork, but still, that the reality even exists is deeply troubling.) -Danilo

You simultaneously frighten and impress us with your phreaking skills.

Dunkin Donuts: Please don’t just offer me your old choices of regular coffee or chemically enhanced versions of “hazelnut” or “vanilla” coffee. I would much prefer nine different but equally disgusting flavors which are extruded by a machine as a thick syrup into a regular cup of coffee. That would be just swell.

Two sugars, splash of milk. Greaaaaat. -rikomatic

The idea of making it before your eyes might be better suited for eateries making something healthy. Sometimes we
d rather keep the magic alive and not know.

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